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Wilson's Raid Heritage Trail

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South Georgia

Atlanta Campaign

Jefferson Davis

March to the Sea

Wilson's Raid

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Macon Defensive Fortifications 

Macon Defensive Fortifications - As Federal armies penetrated further into Georgia, Macon hastily constructed an impressive ring of defensive fortifications. General Sherman largely by-passed the city in November 1864, but General Wilson did not in April 1865.

GPS: 32.8517, -83.6364

Macon City Hall 

Macon City Hall - Built in 1837, City Hall was used as a Civil War hospital, then as Georgia's temporary capitol building during and after the March to the Sea. It was also a Confederate surrender site at the end of Wilson’s Raid on April 20, 1865.

GPS: 32.8363, -83.6323

Cowles-Bond House 

Cowles-Bond House - Known today as the Woodruff House, this impressive Greek Revival mansion overlooks downtown Macon. It was used by Union Major General James H. Wilson as his headquarters for more than two months after his cavalry captured Macon in April 1865.

GPS: 32.8419, -83.6341

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